Antifoulant diterpenes produced by the brown seaweedCanistrocarpus cervicornis

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This paper reports the antifouling properties of the dichloromethane crude extract (DC) and 3 pure compounds isolated from the Brazilian brown seaweed Canistrocarpus cervicornis against establishment of the mussel Perna perna. DC extract showed a strong inhibition activity against byssal threads. Two natural dolastanes and one seco-dolastane diterpene, namely (4 R, 9 S, 14 S)-4α-acetoxy-9β,14α-dihydroxydolast-1(15),7-diene (1), (4 R,7 R,14 S)-4α,7α-diacetoxy-14-hydroxydolast-1(15),8-diene (2) and isolinearol (3), were isolated from DC extract. Dolastane (1) inhibited 60% of byssal fixation, while compound 2 and the seco-dolastane (3) strongly inhibited (82%) the establishment of P. perna. This is the first report of this type of chemical skeleton in three powerful compounds that could be further explored for the development of antifouling technology.

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