Parental diet effects on egg component weights and shell quality

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An experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of feeding laying hens a low protein and energy diet (LPE), a high protein and energy diet (HPE), and a commercial protein and energy diet (control) on whole egg components, egg weight, and shell quality. The hens were fed their respective diets from 15 to 30 wk of age. At 30 wk of age, egg component weight and percentages were measured along with eggshell quality. The results demonstrated that birds fed the LPE diet had significantly lower albumen, yolk, and total egg weights that the control and HPE groups. The LPE group had significantly lower levels of total albumen protein than the control group. The HPE hens had significantly lower shell thickness and pore concentration than the LPE group, demonstrating that dietary levels of CP and ME can alter not only shell quality component but also albumen protein levels.

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