Impact of meat and bone meal nutritional variability on broiler performance

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Due to the variability of raw ingredient inputs into meat and bone meal (MBM), the nutritional composition of each batch can vary. An evaluation was performed to determine if the performance and yield of broilers grown to 49 d of age would be impacted by dietary inclusion of MBM with a consistent or a variable nutritional quality. MBM inclusion rate was 10, 7.5, and 5% for the starter, grower, and finisher periods, respectively. Live production data as well as processing data were collected to determine the performance of the bird. The performance data were then used on an economic evaluation. Evaluation of live production determined that the variable CP levels of the MBM had a negative effect on the growth performance as well as processing. This lack in final weights of the birds from the variable CP levels of MBM allowed for a greater cost margin in the economic evaluation. Thus, MBM with a consistent CP level, allowed for greater growth as well as more usable product. In return, gross margins were higher for birds fed a consistent MBM.

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