Does the genetic and familial background of males undertaking ICSI affect the outcome?

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To investigate whether the success rate of ICSI is (1) related to the etiology of infertility or (2) adversely affected by a family history of potential genetic disorders.


All men with an ICSI indication in our hospital between 1994 and 2005 were included in our cohort study. Data on the ICSI process, etiology of infertility, and family history were collected. ICSI success rates of infertility subgroups and a subgroup with a positive family history were compared to a group with unknown etiology and a negative family history.


There was no significant difference in clinical pregnancy or delivery rates between the subgroups. Couples achieving a pregnancy underwent significantly more ICSI cycles compared to couples not achieving a pregnancy.


Our results suggest that the success rate of ICSI treatment is not related to the cause of infertility or a family history positive for potential genetic disorders.

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