Men with Intellectual Disabilities who have Attended Sex Offender Treatment Groups: A Follow-Up

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There have been a number of studies of treatment for men with intellectual disabilities and sexually abusive behaviour but few follow-up studies. Our aim was to follow up men with intellectual disabilities who had attended group cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT) for sexually abusive behaviour.


Thirty-four men (from seven treatment sites) were followed up. All had attended SOTSEC-ID groups. The mean length of follow-up, since the end of the treatment group, was 44 months (SD 28.7, range 15–106 months).


The statistically significant improvements in sexual knowledge, empathy and cognitive distortions that occurred during treatment were maintained at follow-up. In all, 11 of the 34 (32%) men showed further sexually abusive behaviour, but only two of these men received convictions. Analyses of the variables associated with further sexually abusive behaviour indicated that a diagnosis of autism was associated with a higher likelihood of further sexually abusive behaviour.


This study provides some evidence of the longer-term effectiveness of group CBT for men with intellectual disabilities and sexually abusive behaviour.

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