Effects of Tl+ on ion permeability, membrane potential and respiration of isolated rat liver mitochondria

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It is known that permeability of the inner mitochondrial membrane is low to most univalent cations (K+, Na+, H+) but high to Tl+. Swelling, state 4, state 3, and 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP)-stimulated respiration as well as the membrane potential (ΔΨmito) of rat liver mitochondria were studied in media containing 0–75 mM TlNO3 either with 250 mM sucrose or with 125 mM nitrate salts of other monovalent cations (KNO3, or NaNO3, or NH4NO3). Tl+ increased permeability of the inner mitochondrial membrane to K+, Na+, and H+, that was manifested as stimulation of the swelling of nonenergized and energized mitochondria as well as via an increase of state 4 and dissipation of ΔΨmito. These effects of Tl+ increased in the order of sucrose

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