Photographic Measurement of Volar Forearm Skin Movement With Wrist Extension: The Influence of Elbow Position

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An important function of skin is to allow joint range of motion to occur. An assumed clinical relationship exists between joint movement and skin pliability. The purpose of this research was to document skin movement of the forearm and wrist with photography, to quantify die amount of skin movement during wrist extension, and to investigate the influence of elbow positions on forearm skin movement. Twenty volunteers had markings placed on the skin of die volar forearm. Each subject performed the motion of wrist extension in two elbow test positions of flexion and extension. Photographs were taken of die skin markings at die beginning and end of wrist extension. A significant difference was found in the amount of forearm skin movement that occurred when the elbow was extended and flexed (p<0.001). These results substantiate the use of multijoint range of motion during burn rehabilitation.

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