Reconstruction of Postburn Cervical Contractures Using Expanded Supraclavicular Artery Flap

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Postburn cervical contractures involving the anterior neck represent a serious social, public, and medical problem. The expanded supraclavicular artery flap is a good reconstructive option for these defects to improve functional and aesthetic appearance. Its main vascular supply is the supraclavicular artery, and it may be harvested as either a skin pedicled flap or an island flap. In our clinic, 10 patients with severe cervical burn contractures were reconstructed with preexpanded supraclavicular artery flaps between 2005 and 2012. All the flaps primarily healed with good functional and cosmetic results, and the donor sites primarily closed without any tension. A complete range of motion at the cervical region was obtained in all patients by the end of the reconstruction period. The preexpanded supraclavicular artery flap is a suitable alternative for coverage of the cervical defects after the release of the burn contractures. It is a thin tissue of both good color and texture, and is easy to harvest.

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