The Hennepin Score: Quantification of Frostbite Management Efficacy

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For those at risk for cold-related injury, frostbite contributes significant morbidity through loss of limbs and digits. Frostbite injury generally affects distal extremities first and spreads proximally as the time of exposure increases. The Hennepin score is a tool to quantify injury and tissue loss of frostbite injury, similar to TBSA calculators in burn patients. Application of the Hennepin score allows for a clear picture of the effect of treatment through calculation of a salvage rate. The authors found high reliability between raters using the Hennepin score worksheet, suggesting consistency with applying the score to frostbite injury and outcomes (intraclass correlation, 0.93; confidence interval, 0.88–0.97). The Hennepin score allows for a standard means to accurately measure injury and outcomes, which will aid in the study of treatment outcomes of frostbite injuries.

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