Simultaneous Extended ALT Flaps for Foot Salvage After Severe Frostbite

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Plantar area reconstruction represents the most challenging part of the lower limb. The anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap proved to be a versatile flap for this special area. Herein, we present the application of bilateral ALT free flaps for foot salvage after frostbite injury and long-term follow-up. Single perforator bilateral ALT flaps (304 and 320 cm2) were harvested and anastomosed to posterior tibial vessels. The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve was anastomosed to the calcaneal branches of the posterior tibial nerve. The two-point discrimination test showed values from 16 to 28 mm in different flap areas 5 years later. The patient is able to walk with crutches. This is the first case report of bilateral ALT for foot salvage

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