Functional status and physical impairments of adult patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus admitted to hospital: a scoping review protocol

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Research question/objective:

The objectives of this scoping review are to describe the physical impairments and subsequent level of function of adult individuals infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) admitted to an acute care hospital, determine the outcome measures used by rehabilitation professionals when evaluating said impairments and level of function in the population of interest, and identify the rehabilitation interventions offered to individuals while in hospital as a means of addressing these physical impairments and individuals’ functional status.

Research question/objective:

Specifically, the research questions are:

Research question/objective:

The current scoping review will comprehensively identify the physical impairments of people living with HIV when admitted to an acute care hospital and highlight the subsequent influence on their level of function as a means of emphasizing the disability present. Findings regarding the rehabilitation interventions offered could inform clinical practice as a means of mapping which interventions are offered to address the related physical impairments and thus highlight areas for future research.

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