The total condylar knee prosthesis. A report of two hundred and twenty cases.

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The total condylar knee prosthesis is a non-hinged surface replacement which can be used for almost all knee deformities. This report discusses the first consecutive 220 arthroplasties in 183 patients. Follow-up time was three to five years. Before operation eighty-six knees had more than 10 degrees of fixed varus deformity and thirty-one knees had more than 10 degrees of fixed valgus deformity. All patients were assessed using The Hospital for Special Surgery scoring system. Of the total of 220 knees, 137 (62%) were rated excellent; sixty-one (28%), good; ten (4.5%), fair; and twelve (5.5%), poor. Of 139 osteoarthritic knees, 93% were rated excellent or good. Complications included three deep infections and four cases of posterior subluxation. The over-all reoperation rate was 3.6%.

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