A new method of patellectomy for patellofemoral arthritis.

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Total patellectomy, although it has a biomechanical disadvantage in that it may lead to a degree of quadriceps weakness, is frequently indicated in selected patients. Numerous different techniques of performing patellectomy have been described. In this paper, we present a technique of performing a patellectomy in which the continuity of the quadriceps mechanism is not disrupted and the vastuc medialis is advanced. Twenty-six patients (twenty-nine knees) in whom the procedure was performed were studied retrospectively. The findings in this series showed 90 per cent good or excellent results, two cases of extensor lag, an average of 118 degrees of knee flexion, minimum quadriceps atrophy with good strength, and minimum postoperative immobilization. The method presented has the important advantage of an easier, smoother postoperative knee-rehabilitation period, which is extremely advantageous in elderly patients.

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