3D HCCH-COSY-TOCSY experiment for the assignment of ribose and amino acid side chains in 13C labeled RNA and protein

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A new 3D HCCH-COSY-TOCSY experiment is presented for the assignment of RNA sugar and protein side chains. The experiment, which combines COSY and TOCSY units, is more powerful than the sum of individual HCCH-COSY and HCCH-TOCSY pulse sequences. The experiment was applied to a 13C, 15N-labeled 26 mer RNA complexed with the antibiotic tobramycin, and a 12 kDa 13C, 15N-labeled FKBP12 protein sample. The power of HCCH-COSY-TOCSY is demonstrated through complete spin system assignments of sugars in the 26 mer RNA sample, which could not be assigned using a combination of HCCH-COSY, HCCH-TOCSY and 13C-edited NOESY experiments.

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