Novel techniques for weak alignment of proteins in solution using chemical tags coordinating lanthanide ions

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A molecule with an anisotropic magnetic susceptibility is spontaneously aligned in a static magnetic field. Alignment of such a molecule yields residual dipolar couplings and pseudocontact shifts. Lanthanide ions have recently been successfully used to provide an anisotropic magnetic susceptibility in target molecules either by replacing a calcium ion with a lanthanide ion in calcium-binding proteins or by attaching an EDTA derivative to a cysteine residue via a disulfide bond. Here we describe a novel enantiomerically pure EDTA derived tag that aligns stronger due to its shorter linker and does not suffer from stereochemical diversity upon lanthanide complexation. We observed residual 15N,1H-dipolar couplings of up to 8 Hz at 800 MHz induced by a single alignment tensor from this tag.

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