The Safety of Cryobiopsy in Diagnosing Carcinoid Tumors

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Cryotherapy probes have recently found an expanding role as a routine diagnostic instrument to sample endobronchial pathology. However, its overall safety and efficacy in biopsying carcinoid tumors has not been clearly established. Carcinoid tumors are more vascular and may be prone to more bleeding when biopsied by a cryoprobe.


Review of 5 cases that underwent cryoprobe biopsies for carcinoid tumors was carried out.


Cryobiopsy was successful to diagnose all suspected cases of endobronchial carcinoid tumors. The samples obtained were of good quality and devoid of crush artifact. There was no associated significant bleeding or other complications.


Cryotherapy probe biopsy should be considered a safe and effective approach to diagnose carcinoid tumors.

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