Safety and Efficacy of Oki Stenting Used to Treat Obstructions in the Right Mainstem Bronchus

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Silicone stenting has been used to palliatively manage respiratory symptoms in patients with airway stenoses. Oki and Saka recently developed stents that can be used to manage stenoses around the carina between the bronchus to the right upper lobe and the bronchus intermedius (termed the primary right carina). The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety of Oki stenting used to treat airway stenosis around the primary right carina.


We included 5 patients with airway stenoses. All Oki stenting procedures were performed with the patients under general anesthesia using either rigid or flexible bronchoscopy.


Oki stents were successfully placed in all 5 patients, and the dyspnea index improved in all. Modified Oki stenting was performed at the anastomotic site of 1 patient who had undergone sleeve resection. Four patients had airway obstructions caused by malignant disease. No serious procedural or early complication was noted. One patient died of liver insufficiency, and another with a malignancy died from cranial metastasis of the primary tumor.


Oki stenting of the primary right carina is safe, efficient, and acceptable when used for palliative management of airway obstruction, even after sleeve resection; in the latter case, some procedural modifications are required.

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