Similar Short- and Long-term Colectomy Rates with Ciclosporin and Infliximab Treatment in Hospitalised Ulcerative Colitis Patients

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Background and Aims:

Ciclosporin A [CsA] and infliximab [IFX] are similarly effective in preventing short-term colectomy in ulcerative colitis [UC] patients, but long-term data are scarce. We aimed to compare short- and long-term efficacy of CsA and IFX by analysing colectomy rates and failure of remission-induction treatment as outcome parameters for treatment success.


We retrospectively studied hospitalised UC patients who received CsA or IFX for moderate-to-severe UC, between January 2000 and April 2014. The primary endpoint was time to colectomy, and treatment failure [defined as colectomy or another remission-induction treatment with corticosteroids, CsA, or IFX] was used as secondary endpoint. Variables possibly affecting colectomy outcomes were analysed.


A total of 55 patients were studied for colectomy outcome and 58 patients for treatment failure. A significantly longer follow-up duration was available for CsA-treated patients [p < 0.001, both subcohorts]. Patients showed comparable patient- and disease-specific characteristics. Colectomy rates did not differ significantly at 3, 12, and 36 months: 36% versus 29%, 58% versus 48%, and 64% versus 67% for CsA- and IFX-treated patients, respectively. Multivariate Cox regression analysis revealed the lowest hazard ratio [HR] for colectomy in patients concomitantly using thiopurines: HR 0.28 (confidence interval [CI] 0.13–0.64), p = 0.002. Treatment failure rates were not significantly different at 3, 12 and 36 months: 35% versus 48%, 51% versus 68%, and 62% versus 83% for CsA- and IFX-treated patients, respectively.


Treatment with CsA and IFX is similarly effective in preventing short- and long-term colectomy in hospitalised UC patients. Furthermore, failure rates of these remission-induction treatments were comparable.

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