N822 Non-programmed assistance of IBD patients in our institution. Ratios of activity and effectiveness of IBD-nurse role

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Background: Growing complexity and increasing volume of patients with imflammatory bowel disease (IBD) make necessary multidisciplinary units. IBD nurses should be part of these units and have specific documents to register their assistential activity. Further than programmed activity, non programmed activity represents an important part of the assistential activity since patients attend to the unit without an arranged date or contact via telephone or e-mail.

Methods: A register sheet of assistential activity for nursery in our unit was developed. The document was designed with three main topics: demographic data and clinical data of the patient, reason of consultation, sympthoms with Mayo partial or Harvey-Brandshaw scale as suitable and the response/solution given. This solution could be given by either an IBD nurse, a doctor and/or administrative staff.

Results: During 7 consecutive moths, 465 non-programmed appointments to our unit were registered. 95.91% of the contacts were solved via phone call and or mail. Main contact topics were problems with medical treatment (24.3%), doubts solution (32.0%), change or new appointment date (11.4%), change or appointment for complementary studies (4%), clinical reports or results (24%). Only 4.08% needed face-to-face consultation, 3.44% in IBD-unit and 0.65% in emergency service.

Conclusions: The register of non-programmed clinical assistance by means of an specific document allows to improve the regitry of activity in our IBD unit, improves communication between members of the unit, leaves a documentary report of a non-scheduled activity and focus assistance on patients needs in order to perform a better distribution of resources. Furthemore, IBD nursery can attend >95% of non-programmed appointments without being present the patient, strengthing the efficiency of the role of IBD nursery.

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