Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy to Treat Atrial Tachycardia Arising from Left Atrial Appendage

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A 17-year-old male with tachycardia-induced cardiomyopathy presented with persistent, drug-resistant atrial tachycardia (AT). An electrophysiological study suggested focal abnormal automaticity, and localized the AT origin to the left atrial appendage. Radiofrequency catheter ablation at the site of the earliest endocardial activation during AT failed. A minimally invasive, video-assisted thoracoscopic (VAT) atrial appendectomy terminated the AT and restored left ventricular contractility. The patient remained free of AT and normal left ventricular function was maintained over a 24-month follow-up period. To our knowledge, we are the first to use VAT atrial appendectomy to treat focal AT.

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