3D Image Reconstruction of Right Subclavian Artery Aneurysms

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Three-dimensional (3D) image reconstruction methods allied to spiral CT (SCT) or MR angiography (MRA) are used in clarifying the anatomy of complex aortic anatomy.

Materials and Methods

Two patients with superior mediastinal masses suggestive of aneurysms of the anomalous right subclavian artery were examined. Both patients were examined using breath-hold SCT and one by breath-hold MRA. Three-dimensional images were reconstructed using a surface rendering technique for the SCT examinations and by a maximum intensity projection technique for MRA.


Two cases of aneurysmal anomalous right subclavian artery were diagnosed by SCT with 3D image reconstruction. One case was also examined by MRA with 3D image reconstruction which confirmed the findings of SCT. The use of the 3D techniques clarified the complicated anatomy and avoided the need for angiography.


Two cases are illustrated of 3D imaging of complicated aortic branch anatomy due to aneurysms of anomalous right subclavian artery. Image quality was good and no further imaging by more invasive techniques was required.

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