Enhancement of Thoracic Masses using Nonionic MR Contrast Agents

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ObjectiveThis study evaluated the effect of a new nonionic MR contrast medium, gadodiamide injection (Omniscan; Sanofi-Winthrop), on enhancement of thoracic masses on T1-weighted SE images.Materials and MethodsGadodiamide injection was administered intravenously at a dose of 0.2 mmol/kg to 26 patients with thoracic masses. The T1-weighted images with and without fat suppression and T2-weighted images obtained before contrast medium injection were compared with T1-weighted images obtained at 5, 30, and 45 min and a T1-weighted fat-suppressed image at 10 min after administration of the contrast medium. Enhancement of the thoracic masses and image quality were quantified by measuring signal intensity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) using muscle and fat as reference tissues.ResultsThe SNR of the masses increased significantly (p < 0.001) following contrast material injection both on standard T1-weighted sequences and on T1-weighted fat-suppressed images when compared with the precontrast T1-weighted images with and without fat suppression. The CNR (reference tissue muscle) improved significantly (p < 0.001) after contrast medium injection and persisted for 45 min on T1-weighted images compared with those prior to contrast medium. However, there was no significant difference in CNR between the T2-weighted images obtained before and the T1-weighted images obtained after contrast agent administration. On the other hand, the SNR of contrast-enhanced images was significantly better than that of the T2-weighted images. When fat was used as a reference tissue, CNR of the thoracic masses decreased significantly.ConclusionThis study shows that gadodiamide injection caused significant enhancement of thoracic masses on T1-weighted images, which rendered high signal intensity to the masses similar to the appearance on T2-weighted images. In comparison with the T2-weighted images, SNR was significantly improved.

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