Testicular Feminization: Role of MRI in Diagnosing This Rare Male Pseudohermaphroditism

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The purpose of our study was to assess the role of MR in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with testicular feminization (TF).


MR scans of seven patients with TF were retrospectively reviewed.


MR could diagnose uterus agenesis in all cases. Undescended testes were depicted within or just below the inguinal canal in four cases. They were smaller and more hypointense than those in normal males. Testes that we could not find by MR were found during surgery in two cases. They were just below the inguinal canal where we had not scanned caudally enough in one and they were too small to be detected in the other.


MR can demonstrate both uterine agenesis and undescended testes in TF. The latter tend to be missed because they are small and can be anywhere in the abdomen and inguinal canal. Radiologists should perform careful MR examination to detect testes in patients suspected having TF, as these organs are more likely to undergo malignant neoplasia.

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