Gated Cardiac Imaging of the Aortic Valve on 64-Slice Multidetector Row Computed Tomography: Preliminary Observations

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To conduct a pilot study to determine the feasibility of evaluating aortic valve morphology and motion on electrocardiogram-gated 64-slice cardiac MDCT.


Four-dimensional images of the aortic valve were reviewed in 20 consecutive patients who underwent computed tomography (CT) coronary angiography. A consensus reading of 3 readers was performed of valve visibility, number of leaflets, valve motion, and calcification. Visibility of the valve leaflets and visualization of opening and closing of the valve leaflets were graded as well seen or suboptimally seen. The number of valve leaflets (3 or 2) and presence of valvular calcification were noted.


The aortic valve was well seen in all 20 patients. Three leaflets were identified in all cases, and no calcifications were seen. Valve movement with opening and closure of the leaflets during the cardiac cycle was also well seen in all cases.


Visualization of the aortic valve and valvular motion during the cardiac cycle is feasible on CT studies performed for coronary angiography. CT has a potential role in the assessment of aortic valvular pathology.

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