Diffusion Changes in a Tumor and Peritumoral Tissue After Stereotactic Irradiation for Brain Tumors: Possible Prediction of Treatment Response

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Changes in apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) in a tumor and peritumoral tissue after stereotactic irradiation (STI) were evaluated, and then the therapeutic efficacy of ADC measurement was assessed.


In 20 tumors, diffusion-weighted imaging within 1 week before and 2-4 weeks after STI was performed. The normalized ADC (nADC) was measured. The nADCs in the tumor and peritumoral region before STI were compared with those after STI and the change in tumor nADC compared with the change in tumor size.


The nADC of the tumors was significantly higher 2-4 weeks after STI compared with that before STI. The nADC of the peritumoral regions 2-4 weeks after STI did not differ significantly from that before STI. A significant difference in the nADC at 2-4 weeks after STI was observed between the responder and nonresponder groups.


Changes in nADC as measured by diffusion-weighted imaging can predict response to STI.

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