Dual-Energy CT Characteristics of Parathyroid Adenomas on 25-and 55-Second 4D-CT Acquisitions: Preliminary Experience

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The objective of this study was to compare the dual-energy computed tomography (CT) characteristics of parathyroid adenomas (PAs), thyroid tissue, and lymph nodes (LNs) and assess whether the spectral information can improve distinction of these tissues.


Dual-energy CT scans from 20 patients with pathologically proven PAs were retrospectively evaluated, identifying 19 eligible PAs and region of interest analysis used for spectral characterization.


There was a significant difference in multiple spectral parameters between PAs, LNs, and the thyroid gland (P < 0.05–0.0001). The greatest difference in spectral characteristics of PAs compared with that of LNs was on the 25-second acquisition, whereas the 55-second acquisition was better for distinguishing PAs from the thyroid gland.


Four-dimensional CT acquired in dual-energy CT mode has the potential to further enhance diagnostic accuracy for PA identification on individual phases of the perfusion study.

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