Intrahepatic Splenosis: Incidental Liver Lesion after Splenectomy

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We describe the case of a 50-year-old man with history of remote splenectomy who underwent routine lung cancer screening chest computed tomography and was incidentally found to have a liver lesion. Dedicated liver protocol computed tomography demonstrated “archiform” enhancement pattern in the arterial phase and homogenous filling-in enhancement on portal venous and delayed phases. Multiple other smaller enhancing intraperitoneal lesions were also found. These findings along with history of splenectomy confirmed a diagnosis of intrahepatic and intraperitoneal splenosis and helped avoid biopsy. Intrahepatic splenules can be challenging to diagnose owing to its unusual location and similarity in appearance to a liver neoplasm or metastasis. However, careful evaluation of enhancement pattern and review of medical history can lead to an accurate diagnosis and avoidance of invasive biopsy.

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