Veridicality of self-report: Replicated correlates of the Wiggins MMPI content scales

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Identified correlates of the 13 MMPI content scales developed by J. S. Wiggins (see record 1967-01619-001), using both single-sample and cross-validation paradigms in a sample of 363 18-57 yr old male clients who received a mental health evaluation at a military medical facility. Characteristics of both high-scoring and low-scoring Ss were obtained for each scale, and interpretations of high scale elevations are proposed that reflected scale content, psychometric properties, and correlate characteristics. The 48 replicated and 28 single-sample correlates descriptive of high scorers significant at .01 either reflected the substantive nature of each scale or suggested primary characteristics expected of high scorers on each scale, whereas the additional 59 single-sample correlates significant at .05 often provided the descriptions needed to “round out” each scale interpretation. Evaluation of the correlates of low scorers essentially supported the position that low scores reflect the absence of descriptors characteristic of high elevations on the same scale. A factor analysis of the content, clinical profile, A, and R scales supported the interpretive intent of the content scales, as well as suggested their relative vulnerability to a defensive response set. (20 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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