Are special norms for minorities needed? Development of an MMPI F scale for Blacks

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As part of a large-scale investigation of the need for special MMPI norms for adult Black American test Ss, 882 normal 18-65 yr old Blacks from Alabama, Michigan, and North Carolina were tested. Item analyses of these protocols revealed 33 items that met the 10% or less endorsement criterion used to develop the MMPI F scale. Comparisons were made between White and Black endorsements of the items on this new scale, items of the standard F scale, and additional items in the MMPI pool that met the 10% criterion but were not included in the original F scale. White endorsement patterns agreed with the Blacks' F scale, but Black endorsement patterns agreed with only one third of the standard F-scale items. Further, Blacks showed comparable levels of infrequency on only 6 of the 38 supplementary F items. Although these results do not necessarily indicate that special norms for the clinical scales are necessary, the amount of difference between responses of Blacks and Whites to rarely endorsed items suggests that for Blacks, this new scale may be a more accurate measure of correlates associated with endorsement of deviant items than the standard F scale. (19 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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