The Child Behavior Profile: II. Boys aged 12–16 and girls aged 6–11 and 12–16

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Based on the overall rationale and methodology described previously by the 1st author (see record 1979-12316-001), the present article reports the construction of editions of the Child Behavior Profile for boys aged 12-26 and girls aged 6-21 and 12-26 yrs. Scored from the Child Behavior Checklist, the profile consists of social competence and behavior problem scales derived from factor analysis of the checklists filled out by parents of 450 children of each sex and age group referred for mental health services. Second-order factor analyses showed that the behavior problem scales for each sample could be divided into broad-band groupings called “internalizing” and “externalizing.” Normalized T scores for the social competence scales, behavior problem scales, internalizing, and externalizing were derived from nonclinical samples. Comparison of clinical and nonclinical samples showed significant differences on all social competence and behavior problem scores. Test-retest (1 wk) correlations averaged .87, and interparent correlations averaged .67. Comparison with findings for boys aged 6-11 yrs are reported. Computerized and hand-scored versions of the profile can be used to display item and scale scores for individual children. (7 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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