Cross-validation of the Megargee MMPI typology for prisoners

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To cross-validate the E. I. Megargee and Dorhout (1977) and J. Meyer and Megargee (1977) MMPI typology for prisoners, one sample consisting of 2,063 male federal offenders and one sample consisting of 1,455 (164 females, 1291 males) state offenders were obtained. By use of a computer typing program, over 85% of these Ss were classified, and all of Megargee's 10 profile types were identified within each sample. Additional data collection and subsequent analyses revealed (a) significant age differences among the male state MMPI types; (b) significant differences in regard to the proportion of each type found within the male and female state offender samples; (c) significant differences among the federal MMPI types in terms of their current offenses; and (d) significant differences among the federal types in terms of the total number as well as the number of verbally aggressive and group-defiant rule infractions committed while incarcerated. It is concluded that the Megargee typology is a valid and generalizable system. (11 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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