Correction to Huba, Wingard, and Bentler

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Reports an error in the article “Beginning Adolescent Drug Use and Peer and Adult Interaction Patterns” by G. J. Huba, Joseph A. Wingard, and P. M. Bentler (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1979, 47, 265-276). On page 269 all the coefficients in Table 3 should be positive (with the indicated numerical value). On page 270-271 the loading in Table 4 for the variable “are liked by parents” on Dimension II‘ should read .00 instead of -.60. Interpretation of the results does not change. (The following abstract of this article originally appeared in record 1979-28564-001). Interaction patterns among drug users, their peers, and significant adults have been implicated as causal factors of later drug abuse. Data were collected from 1,634 adolescents about their current use of 13 substances and about their interactions with peers and significant adults. Five canonical dimensions were necessary to explain the significant covariation in each of 2 comparable samples. The replicated pattern of rotated canonical loadings indicated that users of various classes of substances associated with other individuals who used the same substances. Other indicators of interaction patterns did not suggest that the drug users had friends who were particularly deviant. Adolescent drug users do not appear to form subcultures delineated from nonuser subcultures along interaction dimensions other than that of drug use. The results are consistent with an interactionist-socialization viewpoint of the development of drug use. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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