Exercise and the Maintenance of Weight Loss: 1-Year Follow-Up of a Controlled Clinical Trial

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This study reports results 1 year after treatment for 77 obese women who had been treated for 48 weeks by diet combined with supervised (a) aerobic exercise, (b) strength training, (c) aerobic plus strength training combined, or (d) no exercise. Mean (± SD) end-of-treatment weight losses for the 4 conditions ranged from 13.5 ± 9.1 kg to 17.3 ± 10.3 kg, but there were no statistically significant differences among groups. Participants in all 4 conditions regained approximately 35% to 55% of their weight loss in the year after treatment; again, there were no significant differences among groups. Participants, however, who reported exercising regularly in the 4 months preceding the follow-up assessment regained significantly less weight than did nonexercisers.

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