Evaluating International Clinical Education Encounters in Lithuania

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Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, nurses from various countries have organized clinical education sessions in Lithuania to share expertise. Evaluation of these sessions has not been completed or disseminated. This study provides an evaluation of international continuing nursing education sessions in Lithuania.MethodsIn the late 1990s, a group of nurses and health care professionals from a local college conducted educational symposia for Lithuanian nurses. Those who participated in at least one symposium were asked to complete questionnaires regarding the educational experience. A holistic framework was used to describe the experiences of U.S. and Lithuanian nurses.


Descriptive statistics indicated the Lithuanian nurses confirmed or learned new information and adapted it to their practice. The educational material was less challenging in the larger town of Kaunas than in the smaller area of Vilkaviškis. Suggestions for improvement included teaching in smaller groups to encourage discussion and, for the U.S. nurses, acquiring more information about the Lithuanian culture before the teaching trip.


The goals of the symposia, to share knowledge and establish lasting relationships with Lithuanian nurses, were met. In addition, participants provided important advice for future educational trips.

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