Assessing Interprofessional Teamwork: Pilot Test of a New Assessment Module for Practicing Physicians

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Teamwork is a basic component of all health care, and substantial research links the quality of teamwork to safety and quality of care. The TEAM (Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module) is a new Webbased teamwork assessment module for practicing hospital physicians. The module combines self-assessment, multisource feedback from members of other professions and specialties with whom the physician exercises teamwork, and a structured review of those data with a peer to develop an improvement plan.


We conducted a pilot test of this module with hospitalist physicians to evaluate the feasibility and usefulness of the module in practice, focusing on these specific questions: Would physicians in hospitals of different types and sizes be able to use the module; would the providers identified as raters respond to the request for feedback; would the physicians be able to identify one or more “trusted peers” to help analyze the feedback; and how would physicians experience the module process overall?


20 of 25 physicians who initially volunteered for the pilot completed all steps of the TEAM, including identifying interprofessional teammates, soliciting feedback from their team, and identifying a peer to help review data. Module users described the feedback they received as helpful and actionable, and indicated this was information they would not have otherwise received.


The results suggest that a module combining self-assessment, multisource feedback, and a guided process for interpreting these data can provide help practicing hospital physicians to understand and potentially improve their interprofessional teamwork skills and behaviors.

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