Adrenal Disease Update 2011

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This article is based on an invited lecture entitled “Year-in-the-Adrenal: A Clinical Perspective,” presented at the 92nd Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 7, 2011. The objective was to provide clinicians with a summary of key, clinically important advances in the field of adrenal disorders over the past 18 months. Paper selection was based on a comprehensive survey of all adrenal articles published in major endocrinology and high-impact general medical journals between December 2009 and May 2011. Participants in the selection process included 15 endocrinologists with expertise in adrenal disorders. The articles highlighted were those that: 1) constitute novel discoveries that may improve the understanding of pathophysiology; 2) address important clinical questions; and 3) most influence the way we diagnose and treat patients with adrenal disorders. An effort was made to include both adrenal cortical and medullary disorders.

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