Reduced Tregs in Peripheral Blood of PCOS Patients – a Consequence of Aberrant Il2 Signaling

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The immunesupressive action of CD4+CD25+ CD127−/low T regulatory cells (Tregs) is vital for an efficient reproductive function. However no data exists on their number or functionality in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).


The study aimed to analyze the frequency of circulating Tregs and key factors modulating them in women with PCOS.

Design, Setting, and Participants:

This is a retrospective, case-control cohort study conducted in women with PCOS recruited from Samad IVF hospitals and Women and Children Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, India. Women with PCOS (N = 20) were diagnosed according to Rotterdam Consensus and normal menstruating women were taken as controls (N = 2331).

Main Outcome Measures:

We analyzed the proportion of CD4+CD25+ CD127−/low Tregs in women with PCOS by fluorescent activated cell sorting.


The study discovered that the women with PCOS have reduced numbers of Tregs (2.626 ± 0.62) compared with controls (4.253 ± 0.87) (t = 6.963, P < .0001, mean difference = −1.627; 95% confidence interval = −2.099–−1.155). We documented a decrease in the follicular phase Treg expansion in women with PCOS. Our results revealed a reduced STAT5A (fold change [FC] = 7.642, P < .0004)/STAT5B (FC = 3.824, P < .0001), FOXP3 (FC = 4.1343, P = .0004)/CTLA4 (FC = 2.569, P = .0001) and elevated AKT (FC = 7.39, P = .05)/PIK3 (FC = 5.326, P = .0002) expression in women with PCOS. Recombinant interleukin 2 (rIL2) treatment failed to improve FOXP3/CTLA4 levels but caused a reduction of AKT/PIK3 arm, possibly due to an elevated PTEN in women with PCOS.


The study suggests that women with PCOS have reduced Tregs due to an inherent hyporesponsiveness to IL2, which is unable to activate STAT5B and reduce FOXP3 expression. IL2-based therapeutic strategies can ameliorate complications in PCOS by suppressing the AKT/PIK3 arm.

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