A Statement on the Development of Technology to Produce Diagnostic Medical Images with Ionizing Radiation

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The IEEE urges careful evaluation of the input of additional regulations on the development of new technology and equipment for improved health care delivery. We call for a consensus panel of engineers, scientists and medical practitioners to optimize the effectiveness of present and proposed regulations. The IEEE supports and will provide in-depth training of radiology-allied personnel. We believe that this approach will serve the public need more effectively, in reducing needless medical X-ray exposure while containing health care costs to a reasonable level, than overly restrictive and costly regulations. Federal regulatory agencies charged with the overview of ionizing radiation-producing equipment should evaluate the impact that present regulations have had on the minimization of medical X-ray exposure, balanced against added costs in personnel and equipment to implement these regulations. We call for the appointment of another panel of engineers, practitioners, and manufacturers to work with the regulatory agencies and responsible professional groups to develop methods to provide such incentives. Finally, we strongly urge that steps be taken to keep the American public informed of the crucial developments in the science of radiology.

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