Studies in Clinical Liver Disease

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In this series of case studies aimed at the practicing physician, Dr. Denis Miller intends to provide a discussion of clinical diagnosis based on clinical data and straightforward biochemical, serological, and radiological information, and to provide a rationale—or lack thereof—for liver biopsy in various clinical situations. He has selected case reports from the massive files of the Yale Liver Study Unit to highlight the diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas in liver disease. Although these comments will be clinically oriented and are not intended to be comprehensive but rather to emphasize clinical problems, Dr. Miller will usually provide a brief review of controversial or new issues that the practicing physician should know about. Our objective in this continuing series, then, is to stress the differential diagnosis of liver diseases, mostly common, sometimes confusing, and rarely exotic in order to emphasize how clinical data and inexpensive laboratory aids can help the physician to arrive at a diagnosis and a basis for therapy.


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