The Relationship Between Endoscopic Findings of Gastric Ulcer Scar and Ulcer Relapse

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Regenerated mucosal patterns that appeared during the healing of chronic gastric ulcers were observed and assessed in detail by magnifying endoscopes. Three patterns of ulcer scarring were distinguished: Sa with central depression, Sb with a coarse regenerated mucosal pattern, and Sc with a fine mucosal pattern. From a study on the relationship between the depth of ulcer confirmed histologically and the endoscopic findings of the scar, a clear distinction could be made endoscopically between Ul-IV scar with a well-demarcated scarring zone, Ul—III scar with an unclear boundary, and Ul—II scar without a distinct scar area. Scar patterns were also related to ulcer depth. Analysis of the relationship between an ulcer relapse and the scar pattern demonstrated that the ulcer relapse rate over a 2-year follow-up period was 84% in Sa, 33% in Sb, and 0% in Sc.

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