Immunoproliferative Small Intestinal Disease in Mexico: Report of Four Cases and Review of the Literature

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The clinicopathologic findings in eight Mexican patients with imrnunoproliferative small intestinal disease (IPSID) are analyzed. Four of these cases have been previously reported and the remainder were found in a retrospective review of 42 lymphoproliferative disorders of the small bowel (9.5% of the cases at our institution). There were six male and two female patients with an average age of 30 years. Laparotomy with intestinal resection was performed in seven cases. Malignant lymphoma was documented in five and the early phase of IPSID in two patients. The remaining case was diagnosed by means of several endoscopic biopsies. It is concluded that although IPSID seems to be a rare disease in the mestizo population of our country, it may not be exceptional and its diagnosis has probably been overlooked.

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