Foods and New Foods: The Role of Nutrition in Skeletal Health

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The objective of this paper was to present nutrients for bone health along with traditional foods and new foods that can provide the adequate amount of such nutrients.


Although bone mass and density are certainly determined by various concurrent factors such as genetics, hormones, physical activity, and nutrition, and although the genetic program has a critical role in growth and in bone peak development, for their realization an adequate nutritional intake of nutrients is always necessary and may represent a way to prevent bone diseases.


The authors collected scientific data about new possible foods containing potential nutrients for bone health besides milk, dairy products, and supplementation in tablets.


There is much scientific evidence that calcium-rich mineral water, functional foods, soy products derived phytoestrogens, fortified foods, and vitamins K and E may play a important nutritional role in skeletal health.


Currently, it is possible to provide required bone nutrient intake for bone health in population subgroups intolerant or allergic to lactose and in those individuals who need a controlled intake of calories.

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