Celiac Sprue, Hyperhomocysteinemia, and MTHFR Gene Variants

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To describe the association of untreated celiac disease with hyperhomocysteinemia and variants of the methylenetetrahydrofolicacid reductase (MTHFR) gene found in clinical practice.


Case studies with description of associated clinical, biochemical, and genetic findings and review of literature.


Five new cases and 7 additional cases found from literature search of hyperhomocysteinemia with celiac sprue are reported. Treatment with gluten-free diet and folic acid led to the variable improvement in homocysteine levels. MTHFR gene variants were present in the each of the new patients described.


Untreated celiac disease may be associated with hyperhomocysteinemia caused by a combination of vitamin deficiencies and variants in the MTHFR gene. Abnormalities do not consistently improve with gluten-free diet. The abnormal findings could result from vitamin deficiencies or variant MTHFR status. Possible clinical implications for patients with celiac disease and hyperhomocysteinemia are reviewed.

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