Single-port Retroperitoneoscopic Pancreatectomy: Preliminary Results From the First 3 Patients

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To date, single-port laparoscopic pancreatic surgery has been rarely reported. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility and safety of single-port retroperitoneoscopic pancreatectomy based on the first 3 cases in a single center. Three patients with suspected lesions in the distal pancreas underwent single-port retroperitoneoscopic pancreatectomy using a conventional retroperitoneoscopic pancreatectomy approach. All operations were successfully completed utilizing a single port. Operating times were 50, 90, and 150 minutes for the 3 cases. There were no complications, and all patients were discharged within 7 days after surgery. In conclusion, for selected patients, single-port retroperitoneoscopy can be safely utilized for pancreatectomy.

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