Capsule Endoscopy Crohn’s Disease Activity Index (CECDAIic or Niv Score) for the Small Bowel and Colon

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Background and the Study Aim:

Crohn’s disease (CD) is a chronic inflammatory disorder defined as a transmural inflammation of the bowel wall, affecting the small and large intestine. The Capsule Endoscopy Crohn’s Disease Activity Index (CECDAI or Niv score) was devised to measure mucosal disease activity. We extended the Niv score to the colon and have a comprehensive view of the whole intestine.


We evaluated 3 parameters of intestinal pathology: A, Inflammation; B, Extent of disease; C, Presence of strictures. The scoring formula is as follows: CEDCAIic=(A1×B1+C1)+(A2×B2+C2)+(A3×B3+C3)+(A4×B4+C4) (1=proximal small bowel, 2=distal small bowel, 3=right colon, 4=left colon).


The median CECDAIic score was 15.5 (range, 0 to 42), and the mean±SD score was 17.2±11.5. The CECDAIic scores per patient were similar among the 5 observers. Kendall’s coefficient of concordance was high and significant for almost all the parameters examined except for strictures in the proximal small bowel and distal colon. Nevertheless, the coefficients for the small bowel and for the whole intestine were high, 0.85 and 0.77, P<0.0001, respectively.


We established a new score, the CECDAIic of the small-bowel and colonic CD. We offer this easy, user-friendly score for use in randomized controlled trials and in the clinical follow-up of CD patients.

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