A Web-based Multimedia Program Before Colonoscopy Increased Knowledge and Decreased Anxiety, Sedation Requirement, and Procedure Time

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Goals:Assess the impact of a web-based multimedia patient engagement program on patient anxiety, perception and knowledge about the colonoscopy in addition to procedure outcomes.Background:The success of patients coming for a colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening is dependent in part on patients’ understanding of the preparation and of the procedure. Patients were randomized to use either our institution’s standard preprocedure colonoscopy packet or a web-based multimedia patient engagement program (Emmi Solutions) before their scheduled procedure. On the day of colonoscopy, all participants completed a survey including questions to assess knowledge and perception of colonoscopy, in addition to the State Trait Anxiety Inventory. We also collected procedure data including medication doses and procedure time.Study Results:Patients in the experimental group correctly answered knowledge questions (82%) more often than the control group (74%) (P=0.0003). More than half (58%) of patients in the experimental group felt this intervention reduced their anxiety about the procedure, and the State Trait Anxiety Inventory anxiety score was lower in the experimental group (P=0.026). Patients who viewed the program required less midazolam (3.66 vs. 4.46 mg, P=0.0035) and total procedure time was shorter (24.8 vs. 29 min, P=0.024).Conclusions:A web-based multimedia patient engagement program watched before colonoscopy decreased patient anxiety, medication requirements, and procedure time while increasing knowledge. This intervention could help patients understand and feel more comfortable about colonoscopy leading to increased screening rates while increasing efficiency and decreasing recovery time.

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