Fluorescence Immunoassay of Human D-dimer in Whole Blood

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Background:D-dimer is a widely used biomarker for the initial clinical assessment of suspected deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Here, we presented a new fluorescence (FL) D-dimer assay system, which was developed with a platform of point-of-care test (POCT) for clinical applications.Methods:Whole blood was mixed with FL-labeled anti-D-dimer detector antibody, and then loaded onto a disposable cartridge. After 12 min of incubation, the FL intensity was acquired by scanning of test cartridge and converted as level of D-dimer in a laser FL scanner. The analytical performance of FL immunoassay was evaluated by linearity, recovery, and precision tests. The comparability of the developed assay was examined with automated reference methods.Results:The FL assay system showed a good linearity, and the analytical mean recovery of control was 103% in a dynamic working range. The imprecision of intra- and inter-as-say of coefficient of variations from assay system was less than 8%. The developed FL assay system showed strong correlation with two automated reference assays, Vidas D-dimer (r = 0.973) and Stalia D-dimer (r = 0.971).Conclusion:The new FL immunoassay for D-dimer is a user-friendly, precise, and reproducible platform of POCT in whole blood.

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