Accurate Detection of Hepatitis B Virus G1896A Mutant by Developed Taqman-ARMS Followed a Strict Control System

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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) G1896A mutation was associated with HBeAg seronegativity and hepatitis B related acute-on-chronic liver failure. In this study, we developed Taqman amplification refractory mutation system (Taqman-ARMS) and established a strict control system to detect HBV G1896A mutant.


HBV viral DNA was isolated from 60 patient serum samples, and full-length HBV genome was cloned. Then, Taqman-ARMS was used to detect HBV G1896A mutant.


The assay has the sensitivity of 1E+3 IU/ml G1896A template, and 0.1% weak population virus with G1896A could be found in mixtures. Total of all 60 clinical samples random collected were detected by Taqman-ARMS, the results were consistent with those by DNA sequencing.


The proposed Taqman-ARMS real-time PCR method for the detection of G1896A mutation of HBV was rapid, simple, sensitive, specific, and applicable in the clinical setting.

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