Hospital Pharmacology: An Alternative Model for Practice and Training in Clinical Pharmacology

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External pressures continue to be exerted on hospitals to prioritize programs that minimize costs and improve the safety of medication use. Clinical pharmacologists are in an ideal position to provide leadership for such programs. At academic health centers, an added dimension is the exposure of physicians-in-training to the practical application of clinical pharmacology principles. At SUNY Upstate Medical University, the approach is led by a physician with clinical pharmacists and pharmacy practice residents. To align the clinical pharmacists with the overall goals of the program, a faculty promotions track system designed specifically for them has been enacted within the college of medicine. This report summarizes the “hospital pharmacology” program that provides funding for an academic physician-clinical pharmacologist. With this report, the authors hope to outline an alternative practice and training paradigm to potentially address the decline in physicians being trained in and practicing clinical pharmacology since the late 1970s.

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