Case Report: Diagnosis of a Rare Plaque-Like Dermal Fibroma Successfully Treated With Mohs Surgery

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CD34-positive plaque-like dermal fibroma (PDF) is a poorly characterised benign dermal neoplasm that has a wide differential diagnosis. It can be mistaken for other entities on superficial biopsy and be overtreated, leading to unnecessary worry and extensive surgery.


To report on an uncommon presentation of this entity, the histopathologic differential diagnosis of PDF, and a novel treatment method.


Clinical and histopathological information was obtained for a PDF lesion on a 75-year-old man.


On superficial biopsy, the PDF lesion was misinterpreted as a possible neurothekeoma. Successful Mohs surgery and genetic testing confirmed the diagnosis of PDF, and the patient received appropriate tissue-sparing surgical management.


This case adds to our current knowledge about PDF and highlights the importance of early recognition of these lesions to direct appropriate diagnostic testing (full-thickness biopsy) and management. This case confirms successful management with Mohs surgery.

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